Remote Computer Repair Services

Need computer repair services but don’t want to go through the faff of taking your computer to a busy shop or having us visit? Perhaps, you have discovered that you live outside of our catchment area, but still require one of our services. RestoreMyPC have you covered!
If your particular computing concern or problem doesn’t warrant an on-site visit, we might recommend that you use our remote computer repair services.

Remote computer repair: What is it?

Remote computer repair, or “remote access” as it most commonly known, refers to the concept of allowing a third-party, i.e., RestoreMyPC, to connect to your PC or laptop from another location to administer actions and implement fixes. It is very common practice, used by computer technicians all over the world.

What can remote computer repair be used for?

Quite often, our customers need help with installing or using their software, others need help and advice whilst setting something up. We connect to them, i.e., over the internet, and provide them with the support they need – as if we were actually there. It can often be the best solution because you can save money and still get the exact same PC or laptop repair service. The technician you connect with is an expert in computing and computer repairs.
However, if your computer is physically damaged, i.e., a broken screen, no power, or not booting to windows, then remote computer repair will not be able to help. Physical repairs require the physical presence of a computer technician.

Remote computer repair: I don’t live in Coventry can you still connect to my PC or laptop?

Realistically, we can connect to anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, but we do limit our services to the UK. If you live in the UK, have an internet connection and a computer running windows, either PC or laptop, then we can connect to you.

If you need computer repair near Coventry

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