Virus and Spyware Removal Coventry

Are you having an issue with viruses or spyware? The removal and prevention of viruses and spyware has become a major part of business. We have seen a massive spike in the number of new customers that need help to remove a virus from their computer. It’s hardly surprising considering that the web hides many of these little critters and sometimes even the simplest of tasks can result in a virus being downloaded onto your computer.

Do I have a virus?

If your PC or laptop has become unresponsive, slow and generally not performing like it should then you might have a virus. Don't panic though, because RestoreMyPC are experts in cleaning up your computer and removing those pesky viruses and spyware for good. We can quickly diagnose the problem and detect, remove and prevent further virus infestations. We have many years’ experience working with these types of problems, so for virus removal in Coventry call on 024 7698 0981 or contact us.

But, I have virus protection installed!

It is certainly not uncommon to discover that our new customers have some form of virus protetction enabled, however, they still have virus/es. This can sometimes be due to the fact that the protection is not properly installed, hasn't been updated, or has ended due to trial periods provided with new computers and laptops. Even if it turns out not to be a virus, the fact that you have noticed a problem, warrants further investigation - dont you think? At this stage you might still have all of your data and personal info, and it might be secure and private from prying eyes. Let's work together to make sure we keep it that way!

If you need computer repair near Coventry

Call RestoreMyPC on 024 7698 0981 or use the contact form below